10 Best Gas & Electric Power Washers Guide 2019

Hey friends, are you totally freaked out doing a laborious cleaning of your things and belongings?

For sure! That is why you are here. I guess thorough cleaning must have become a nightmare for you!

Fortunately, you are not alone, most people feel quite worn out cleaning and rubbing their home and things strenuously.

I can understand how it captures hours to wash tough stains of grease and grime throwing you in misery thinking how to overcome such situation!

But now it’s time to get relaxed…yes, I said relaxed! You finally come to the right place where you can find a device to perform all such activities making your job quick and effortless.

Now the first question that comes to your mind is pressure washer! What is it and what is it for?

Rest assured, on this page you will find complete information about Best Pressure Washers and knowledge related to it, which have been gathered here after a detailed research and hard work just for your ease so you may not have to spend hours searching the required information.

Top 10 Best Pressure Washers Comparison 2019

BrandAR Blue Clean
Dimension28.5 x 12.25 x 11.25 inches
Weight27 pounds
Warranty1 Year
BrandAR Blue Clean
Dimension15.2 x 37.8 x 16.4 inches
Weight33.56 pounds
Warranty1 Year
Dimension24.2 x 18.9 x 35.5 inches
Weight57 pounds
Warranty3 Years
Dimension24.2 x 18.9 x 35.5 inches
Weight57 pounds
Warranty2 Years
BrandSun Joe
Dimension19 x 9.8 x 12 inches
Weight11.7 pounds
Warranty2 Years
Dimension11.4 x 17.1 x 9.4 inches
Weight17.5 pounds
Warranty4 Years
Dimension23.25 x 21 x 34.75 inches
Weight65 pounds
Warranty2 Years Engine
Dimension25 x 20 x 34 inches
Weight83.2 pounds
Warranty3 Years Engine
Dimension34.3 x 13.1 x 16.8 inches
Weight32 pounds
Warranty5 Years
BrandSun Joe
Dimension33.9 x 13.5 x 15.6 inches
Weight31 pounds
Warranty2 Years

Basic Features of Best Power Washers:

  • Body

This plastic housing contains the motor and pump. The more powerful the pump and motor, the bigger, heavier and more robust the body will be. It can be easy to knock over smaller, lighter pressure washer bodies over as you move the hose, but larger, heavier ones are more difficult to move around. There are usually plastic moldings on the body that provide places to stow the lance and accessories when they are not in use.

  • Washer hose

Starting at 3m for the cheapest models, hoses can be up to 10m long. Longer hoses make it easier to move around to clean without moving your pressure washer too, which is especially useful when cleaning a car. Hoses tend to be wider and thicker. They are usually stored in one of three ways – being wound around the body, hung on a hook on the body, or retracted onto a hose reel on more expensive models.

  • Trigger and handle

When the motor is switched on, water only flows from your nozzle when the trigger is squeezed. Most pressure washers automatically turn off when the trigger is released. Thicker plastic, soft-touch surfaces and more ergonomic shaping of the handle and trigger are all features of more expensive pressure washers.

  • Wheels

These are useful on the heavier machines as they make easy for you to move the machine around as per need.

  • Lances and nozzles

The lance is a long plastic tube that connects the trigger and handle of your pressure washer to the nozzle that creates your spray jet, meaning that you don’t have to stoop over to hold the spray near the object that you’re cleaning.

Types of Pressure Washer:

There are two types of pressure washers:

  1. Gas vs Electric
  2. Hot Water vs Cold Water


Gas Pressure Washer Electric Pressure Washer
More powerful Less powerful
Bigger in size Medium to small in size
A bit heavier Light weight
More expensive Less expensive
Create fumes Doesn’t create fumes
Produce more noise Very less or no noise
More durable Less durable
A bit hard to Maintain Easy to maintain
Preferably kept outside Can be kept inside


Hot Water Pressure Washer Cold Water Pressure Washer
1. Runs on mostly heavy engines 1. Run on a small electric motor
2. Requires a larger engine or motor as it will operate a heating element as well as the pump 2.  Usually need less maintenance because of fewer parts and last longer
3. Expensive in comparison with cold water washer 3.  Inexpensive with replacement parts
4. Require less soap solution 4. Need more soap solution
5. Develops high pressure 5. Develop lower pressure

Now you must have become quite clear about the types of pressure washers. Now it’s up to you which one you want to choose accordingly.  Now we will tell you what contribution will pressure washer do in your life?

Best Pressure Washers  Reviews ( Buyer’s Guide )

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

This robust electric pressure washer is built using tough plastic components, making it quite durable and long lasting. Weighing just 31 pounds, it’s light enough to move around with the help of two rear wheels. It also has holders to hang up the cord and the hose too. It comes with a power-packed 14.5 Amp 1,800 watt motor. It can generate up to 2,030 PSI of water pressure and it can provide 1.76 GPM water flow for maximum cleaning power. The 35 foot long power cord, GFCI protected, is convenient for cleaning large areas from a single power point. A 20-foot pressure hose with garden hose adaptor ensures easy access to remote areas.

Understanding the needs of its users the device is provided with five quick-connect, color coded spray nozzles sized 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap. It consists of 34-inch extension spray wand to access hard-to-reach areas. There are two onboard 9 L detergent tanks which you can easily switch from one detergent tank to the other by a convenient switch while cleaning. It also has Total stop system for saving energy and increasing pump life. This pressure washer is much valuable. Thus, it is one of the best widely sold pressure washer available out in the market.


2. SIMPSON MSH3125-S 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

The MSH3125-S is not a plastic “gadget”, but a full-sized heavy-duty device which is reflected in its dimensions. The unit measures 20 x 25 x 34 inches designed horizontally. Adding to the heavy-duty approach having weight of 72lbs. The device has 10’’ premium pneumatic tires to carry it wherever you want. The engine while starting doesn’t give you any trouble and starts easily, constantly. Honda CG190 engine gives you the power and Axial Cam Pump provides the perfect pressure. The motor creates 3,100 PSI of water pressure and the pump distributes 2.5 GPM water flow. It has a displacement of 190cc.

It has considerably large fuel tank that weighs 1.9 quarts. It comes with a 25-foot hose which is enough for cleaning the most difficult to reach spots. You get a total of five different nozzles that can be attached to the wand. These include 0, 15, 25, and 40-degree angle nozzles as well as a soap tip. Apparently it looks more like a mini car engine. In fact, it is the most portable and easy to use machine in the market.


3. Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI 1.45 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

This light, powerful and affordable Electric Pressure washer delivers 1,450 PSI and 1.45 GPM. It uses very little water at only 1.45 GPM which is ideal for anyone who may be concerned about minimal water consumption. The device weighs 11.7 pounds and the sturdy wheels make it easier to move it from one place to another with no problem. The dimension of the device has height 19 inches, depth 9.8 inches, and width 12 inches. It has 35 ft. GFCI protected power cord. A 20-foot pressure hose with garden hose adaptor ensures easy access to remote areas.

It has two onboard 9 L detergent tanks, total stop system and safety lock system prevent the trigger from automatically engaging which stops misuse of the machine. Thus, this light weight machine is worth buying for cleaning your delicate as well as durable things, even it can be used to clean your vegetables grown in the garden.


4. AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR383 is an electric pressure cleaner that has been designed mainly for residential use. The motile device which uses an 11 Amp induction motor, delivering 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM, is one of the best in the industry at present. It resembles a vacuum cleaner and weighs only 27 pounds. Its orientation is vertical. The entire system is mounted on wheels for easy movability. It has 35’ power cord featuring Auto-Reset GFCI module.

Along with total stop system it has an automatic safety valve and pressure shut-off at the head.  It has 20 ft. hose with reel system to stow it back. Its convenient spray gun has rotatory nozzle for pressure adjustment. It has various attachments like courtyard cleaner, AR Foamer Cannon, turbo nozzle lance for different cleaning requirements. It too comes with user friendly detergent bottle that can be directly attached to the spray gun. Thus, it is worth buying in terms of power and performance for medium household cleaning jobs.


5. AR Blue Clean AR390SS Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer

Among many of their pressure washer models, AR390SS is a model which is chosen because of the amount of power that comes out of its nozzles. It is an electric pressure cleaner that has been designed mainly for residential use. The device, which has a universal 1.5 Amp motor delivering 1.6HP as well as a tri-axial pump with 2,000 PSI and 1.4 GPM,  is one of the best in the industry, which uses less water and more power to perform the entire cleaning job effectively.

The weight of the machine is 33.56 pounds with two wheels installed. It also comes with total stop system, easy to hold spray gun, integrated detergent tank and four types of quick connect nozzles which include 0°, 25°, soap, and rotary/turbo nozzles. It is an incredible machine combining durability and functionality.


6. Generac 7019 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.4 GPM, Gas Powered Pressure Washer

It is a heavy duty machine designed for non-commercial use. It delivers 2.4 gallons per minute at 3,100 PSI. The weight of the machine is 57 lbs. It has large never flat tires which improves its mobility on coarse surfaces. The device is powered by a Generac overhead valve (OHV) horizontally orientated 196 cc engine and a pump with axial cam design.

The ergonomic power dial make you adjust the spray intensity to meet a wide variety of cleaning tasks letting you choose from 2,800psi to 3,100psi. All controls of the device are efficiently located in a single location. It has low oil and water alert system, 4 quick connect multipurpose nozzles, a detergent tank and a 25 ft. hose. All the features in this product are outstanding making it worth buying.


7. Generac SpeedWash 6882 2900 PSI 2.4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

It is a residential grade pressure washer with innovative attachments that delivers better output in less time. The structure of the machine is very dynamic made up of steel. It is designed to be easily handled and operated by its users. The weight of the machine is 57 pounds. It is a 2-Wheeled Cart with Never-Flat Wheels. It is powered by a Generac overhead valve (OHV) horizontally orientated 196 cc engine with a brass pump which is much better than normal aluminum one.

It is available as either a 2,900 PSI washer or a 3,200 PSI washer delivering 2.4GPM and 2.7 GPM respectively. Its ergonomic style spray gun comes with a power dial comprising four settings which you can set as per your requirement. It consist three outstanding accessories like turbo nozzle, soap blaster and power broom. The latter is only given in 3,200 PSI version. The noteworthy feature is 30 ft. ultra flex hose which is erosion free. Thus it is a complete and pro-style cleaning system.


8. Karcher K5 Premium 2000 PSI 1.4 GPM Electric Power Pressure Washer

K5 premium, as named is really a premium model. It is made up off eco-friendly material with advanced functionality. Though bit expensive, but it will fulfill all your requirements through its various accessories provided with the kit. It is light weight, robust and economical. It is perfect for home use. It can be carried easily anywhere due to its compact design, durable tall handle and 7.7″ high wheels. The water cooled induction 2,100watt motor, which pumps out 500 liters per hour at 145 bar pressure and N-cor pump helps in prolonging the life of machine. With 2,100 PSI and 1.4 GPM of water flow you can perform any tedious cleaning task using its various accessories like vario lance, dirt blaster, T350 patio cleaner, clean detergent and suction hose and filter, within minutes. Moreover the detachable detergent tank is another good feature of this device.

It has adjustable wand to get different spray patterns. It has 25 feet long hose, which is 1/4inch in diameter and made up of PVC plastic and 35 ft. power cord. The eco switch mode in the device saves 20 % of energy as promised by the company making its usage really economical. The Eco mode can be selected with no difficulty by twisting the switch to Eco mode making it very simple to use. This pressure washer has an incredible hose drum and multiple hooks for hanging the accessories. Thus, we can say it is such useful machine which pays you off.


9. Greenworks GPW1602 1600 PSI 13 Amp 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Green Works is one of the most reputable and well-known brand for providing only high quality electrical devices. It is for those who opt for smarter solutions. One of its product is Green Works 1,600 PSI pressure washer. It is very handy and light weighted, perfect for home use. The 13 amp universal delivers 1,600 PSI and 1.2 GPM of water flow which is enough for performing various cleaning tasks through its different pro style nozzles which are easy to connect and disconnect.  It comes with only three nozzles: turbo, soap, and a 40-degree nozzle which are suitable for light cleaning jobs. The nozzle tips are replaceable. It has 5 inches wheels for easy movability. It has 20 ft. long hose which is non-marring, means it will not get tear after long use.

It can connect to any outlet with the 35-foot long GFCI power cord which is very easy to wrap and store. The Onboard storage is good for keeping the accessories at the same place. It is ideal for light-duty applications like cleaning windows, cars, decks and other areas around the house. It includes a removable detergent tank. The machine has electric start engine which makes the machine function in very less time. Being electric in nature it requires least maintenance. The device is almost noiseless. It works in both conditions vertically and horizontally. It is also very easy to assemble and do not require any tools for this purpose. In short, this product is worth buying.


10. SIMPSON PS3228-S 3200 PSI at 2.8 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson power shot 3228, like its name, is a real time a power shot used for commercial purposes. If you need a commercial grade unit having industrial strength then this device will not lags behind by any means. It has Honda GX200 Engine. The CARB certified engine comes with OHV design for optimal power transfer. It is a little gas powered pressure washer delivering 3,200 PSI of pressure and 2.8 GPM water flow rate giving you 8,960 cleaning power units. Look wise it is a heavy duty equipment with massive frame, big engine and huge wheels. Pulling the cord on this engine is really easy. It can thoroughly cleans the decks, clears graffiti, prepare walls for painting, get rid of oil and grease and even peel off old finish from wood.

It has high quality parts like triplex plunger pump. The pump on this unit also features a patented Power Boost technology developed by AAA which can deliver much higher pressure at the nozzle. It has pro-style quick connect wands and nozzle tips. The spray gun is also professional-grade along with a non-marring 25-foot heavy-duty hose which is resistant to scratches and kinks. You get a total of five tips for various cleaning applications like 0, 15, 25 and 40-degree nozzle tips and soap applicators as well.  In order to store the trigger gun, hose, and all the aforementioned attachments there is plenty of convenient onboard storage space. The unit is extremely robust, durable and the components used in manufacturing are of the highest quality. Thus for professional use this pressure washer is highly recommended.


Benefits of Pressure Washer:

  • Releases workload

It is essentially a motorized hosepipe. It uses a pump to create a high-pressure flow of water that dislodges dirt more quickly and effectively than you can with a scrubbing brush or hose alone

  • Saves water

Using pressure washer, you’ll use up to 75 percent less water than doing the same job with a garden hose.

  • Healthy Environment

Your home’s exterior surfaces accumulate bacteria that are wise to avoid, as some can be really harmful. Having a pressure washing done often helps ensure that you are removing these contaminants, keeping you,  your kids and pets safe from getting sick.

  • Cost Effective

It is cost effective as you don’t have to hire a person or professional team every time to clean your house thoroughly.

  • Value Addition of Property

It adds value to your property as it helps maintaining the original condition of your home, its interiors and decorations.

  • Time Saving

Many times, we cannot do the cleaning just because we cannot afford to spend the required time. A pressure washer makes our work very fast.

Factors to consider while selecting a Gas or Electric Pressure Washers:

While selecting any pressure washer you should consider the following points so you may get the right product as per your need:

  • Deliverability: Pressure washers are rated with PSI and GPM numbers. PSI measures the pressure of water delivered by the washer and helps determining the power output. On the other hand GPM measures the total volume of water delivered by the washer. It tells you how fast a washer can clean and how effective it is in removing debris.
  • Usability: look for commercial grade or industrial grade washers. Commercial grade washers are cheap and reliable but not blessed with heavy pressure or cleaning purposes. On the other hand Industrial washers are effective, high in efficiency and have lots of power but they cost a lot. Plus industrial washers are huge with large compressors, tanks and require a specialized storage space.
  • Portability: look its portability whether it can easily move around your home or outside. It also depends on your need like if you need it solely for your backyard and home exterior then portability doesn’t matters. If you want to take it out to clean your cars, trucks, furniture or carry it to camping trips and the outdoors then it should be portable.
  • Operability: You have to decide on many things here such as whether to go for electric or gas power, the design of the wand and hose as well as the spray pattern you need. Also, consider the necessity of interchangeable nozzles.

Friends, I am quite sure now that you are completely equipped with the most relevant information about top rated pressure washers. It’s time to let you know which distinctive features you should consider, as per your need, while purchasing the product.

Noticeable Features While Purchasing:

  • The Hose Matters a Lot

The best ones were flexible, unrolled easily and didn’t retain much coil memory. The worst ones were thick and bulky and retained their coil memory, making them a hassle to work with and store.

  • Dial Nozzles Are Better

Pressure washer nozzles come in two varieties: Individual snap-in quick-change nozzles and a dial-type multi-spray pattern nozzle. We found no difference in performance. But for convenience, the dial nozzle wins the contest hands down.

  • Variable Pressure Settings

Most pressure washers run at maximum pressure all the time, but some let you turn down the pressure for delicate surfaces. This is a nice feature, but you can get the same effect just by using a wider spray pattern and holding the nozzle farther away from the surface. You can buy an add-on pressure regulator also.

  • Pneumatic Tires Roll Better

The machines with pneumatic tires are the easiest to move around, especially on steps and gravel. But they need occasional reflation. Plastic or molded rubber wheels get stuck much more readily.

  • Higher Hose Connections Are Easier

The pumps and hose connections on vertical-shaft gasoline engines are mounted at the bottom of the unit, near the ground. The pumps on horizontal-shaft engines sit about 8 in. higher. The designs work equally well. It’s just a matter of convenience when attaching the garden and high-pressure hoses. If you have bum knees or trouble bending over, that slight height advantage makes it easier to connect hoses.

  • Soap Tanks Works Better

Pressure washers provide the best results when you pretreat with pressure washer soap especially when it uses cold water.

Useful Tips for Power Washer Longevity:

Don’t ever do these things to your pressure washer:

  1. Leave water in the pump and hose over the winter
  2. Let it idle for long periods (Gas Power Washers models)
  3. Twist the garden hose while washing
  4. Forget to clean the pump inlet screen