6 Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews For 2019

Electric Power washers are the one which consumes electricity for running. Now a days Electricity is considered a must for life, without it one feels the life has stuck and he cannot move further. The reason is convenience. Electricity makes the use of machine easy, immediate and convenient. So is the case with Pressure Washers. It too uses electricity as its driving force. Which makes one to finish his cleaning task within minutes instead of hours.An electric pressure washer has some more components than a gas pressure washer. Though the purpose of an electric pressure washer and gas pressure washer is alike but there are some distinctive features in both of them based on their power source and other facilities. Electric pressure washers are limited in the total power output and can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.



The device needs to be connected to the electric phase with a long power cord. The electricity flows through the device where it makes the motor run which in turn makes the pump run. With a hose water goes to the pump from the water source that is either a water line or a water tank. The pump creates a forceful pressure over the water inside the pump giving only one way out for the water. The water comes out through the high-pressure hose that is attached to a spray gun which actually hits the stain and dirt and cleans them within minutes.


Following are the main specifications of an Electric pressure washer which you should consider before buying.


GPM or Gallon per Minute is the measurement unit of the water flow that the pump delivers through the hose. If the flow of water is low than with high PSI also you cannot clean your surface nicely. So, for an effective cleaning you need a higher GPM or the GPM has to synchronize with water pressure. Generally, most of the electric pressure washers serve between 1.2 GPM and 2.0 GPM water.


It means Pounds per Square Inch, is the measurement unit of the water force that is generated by a machine. In pressure washer world, PSI indicates how much power the engine has to create the water pressure. In general, an electric pressure washer generates less water pressure than a gas pressure washer. The average water pressure for the electric pressure washers is 1300 PSI to 2000 PSI. There are very few devices that exceed 2000 PSI.  But the average pressure of water is enough for performing various house hold tasks like cleaning your car, I boat, fence, garden, patio etc.


The Company provides different nozzle tips for different usage that you can connect to the top of your spray gun. In general, there are 6 types of nozzles available in the market. The nozzle types are 0, 15, 25, 40, 65-degree and soap applicator nozzle. The 0-degree nozzle tip delivers water like a pencil point jet that reaches to the corners and hard-to-reach areas. The 15, 25, 40 and 65-degree nozzles deliver water like a wide spray fan. The soap applicator nozzle provides the mixture of detergent and has less power than the other nozzles.

Hot and Cold Water

The facility of hot and cold water is not contained by all the pressure washers. Most of the pressure washers use cold water to clean a surface. There are few machines that render the service of hot water. Hot water pressure washers use a boiler or heater to increase the temperature of water mixed with soap solution before throwing it out at a high pressure and volume. This requires a larger engine or motor as it will operate a heating element as well as the pump. They are costly in comparison with cold water washers but require less soap solution. The heat combined with the water force makes it easier to clean the oil stain, grease or any sort of sticky dirt. In cold water pressure washer, it only uses the water force to remove the dirt.

Hose and Electric Cord

In electric pressure washers you will see 20-foot hoses and 30-foot electric cords typically. If the unit comes with anything less then ask the seller about it.

Total Stop System

The main specification of electrically operated pressure washer is its Total Stop System feature, in short TSS.  This feature actually shuts off the engine when you are not using the device without switching off the machine. This increases the life of machine and saves you from repairing hassles in case of engine burning.

Types of Electric Pressure Washer

There are three different types of electric pressure washer which you can select as per your need and requirements.

Light-duty (Up to 1700 PSI)

It is great for small jobs around the house. Very light weighted and affordable. But it has limited power range which in turn limit the cleaning jobs.

Medium-duty (1700 PSI – 2800 PSI)

It is most popular for residential pressure washing as it is perfect for cleaning front stairs, back deck, patio furniture, vehicles, driveway etc. Also great value for money as you can pick these up for less than $150.

Heavy-duty (2800 PSI +)

This type of electric pressure washer is mainly for professional use as it is huge in size and money. It is used for cleaning large areas like factories or warehouses. The main advantage of this type is you or your workers won’t have to refill the fuel several times a day.

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Pros and Cons

Following are the pros and cons of an electric pressure washer.


  • It is light weight.
  • It is user friendly and easy to use.
  • It gives you relief from buying the oil or gasoline and storing them.
  • It creates less noise.
  • Being light weight it is easy to carry.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It consists of less moving parts.


  • The power cord limits its portability.
  • It needs safety precautions as water is a good conductor of electricity.


If you are interested in electric pressure washers then you won’t be disappointed. They are great for performing household indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs. You can carry them easily due to their light weight body. With a click the machine starts, making it user friendly. There is no need of storing gasoline or oil so it’s not hard on your budget. Thus, before buying the machine you must match its requirements and the specifications of the product so you may not go for the wrong product which proves to be useless for you. Like what type of pressure you need and what are the things or places you have to clean. High pressure will destroy your delicate items and car paint. So be clear what you have to buy and for what.