AR Blue Clean AR390SS Pressure Washer Review 2019

AR Blue Clean machines are highly rated by most of the people. They have been around for more than 58 years. Though it is an Italian based company that manufactures them, but all products are sold in the USA come from Fridley, Minnesota. It is one of the best products of Annovi Reverbari (AR) Company. Among many of their pressure washer models, AR390SS is a model which is chosen because of the amount of power that comes out of its nozzles. It is an electric pressure cleaner that has been designed mainly for residential use. The motile device with 2000 PSI and 1.4 GPM is one of the best in the industry. Which uses less water and more power to perform the entire cleaning job effectively.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Pressure Washer Review 2019
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Features and Specifications:

Following are the features of this device with its specifications so you may have a clear know-how about the product.

  • Body

After assembling the size of the machine becomes 16.4-inch depth, 15.2-inch height, and 37.8-inch width. The weight of the machine is 33.56 pounds and the two wheels installed make device easier to carry it from one place to another. It consist of a power cord measuring 35ft having an Auto-reset GFCI module. It also has a power cord swivel release that is very convenient.

  • Motor

It has a universal 1.5 Amp motor delivering 1.6HP as well as a tri-axial pump that delivers 2000pounds per square inch(PSI) and 1.4gallons per minute(GPM) which delivers up to 30 times more pressure than a typical garden hose while reducing water consumption by over 80%. It has a 3 axial position pump which has metal inlet and good discharge tubes which are more durable than plastic. It also has 15 % larger motor brushes for superb performance.

  • Total Stop System (TSS)

The device’s Total Stop System (TSS) stops the machine when it is not in use for the longer use and save the energy.

  • Reeling Hose System:

This vertically oriented pressure washer comes with a 30 feet long plastic hose which is durable and strong. The hose on this machine is longer than most all other pressure washers available in the market. The pressure washer has a reel system to stow away the hose. This feature saves the hose from getting tangled.

  • Comfortable Spray Wand

Its convenient spray wand lets you hold the gun comfortably. The wand is provided with zinc steel lance and quick-coupler nozzle fittings.

  • Various Nozzles

There are four types of quick connect nozzles which include 0, 25 degrees, soap and rotary/turbo nozzles. For tougher jobs, use the Rotary/Turbo lance, which efficiently increases the cleaning power by up to 50% through the production of a pulsating, rotating high-pressure spray. This pressure is enough for all your residential cleaning jobs

  • Integrated Detergent Tank

The device comes with a large integrated 48 oz. detergent tank for efficient application of detergents.

Pros and Cons:

Now have a look on some good and bad points about the device. This will give you better understanding of the functionality of the product.


  1. The AR390SS generates an incredible 2000 PSI, up to 30 times more pressure than a normal garden hose while reducing water consumption by over 80%.
  2. It has various nozzles which can be attached as per your need, especially the turbo or rotating one which can perform approximately all the cleaning jobs. The three nozzles are reachable and easy to screw which are the turbo nozzle, pencil nozzle, and the fan nozzle.
  3. The device’s Total Stop System (TSS) Increases the life of machine by automatically stopping it when not in use.
  4. It comes with an 11 amp engine that is very quiet. You can use at midnight without any worries.
  5. The reel system of the hose prevents from hose getting tangled.
  6. The pro-style spray gun in the device is very easy and comfortable to hold and use. Without any expert advice one can attach the nozzles easily.
  7. The larger integrated detergent tank releases you from carrying a bucket of cleaning solutions along with the device.
  8. The device is noise less despite of being much powerful, giving you the freedom of using it any time irrespective of day and night.
  9. The power cord is featured with GFCI protection facility which will make you stay out of danger on a wet ground.


  1. The hose becomes stiff and takes time to unwind which bothers some customers.
  2. It has rubber hose which is not liked by some customers as they preferred steel one.


After reviewing all the features of this machine, one can well understand that it is one of a very useful and high quality pressure washer, which can make your cleaning job playful and convenient. Its versatility is a plus point as it can be used for various cleaning purposes using different nozzles as per your requirements. It is a powerful electrical pressure washer which is portable and convenient for your daily use. Its total stop system increases its life making it more durable and long lasting. Thus, it is worth buying in terms of power and performance for medium to heavy household cleaning jobs. An incredible machine combining durability and functionality.

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