Generac Speed Wash 6882 Review 2018

When it comes to clean the house thoroughly, without any hard work and labor then pressure washer becomes intrinsic. Among various brands, Generac has made itself recognizable by manufacturing quality products. In between several variants of pressure washers, Generac Speed Wash 6882 is another innovative product of this company. It is a high performance device which is known for its ambidexterity. The new Speed Wash system from Generac Power Systems is much like other gas-powered pressure washers, but unlike general pressure washers that make you change tips for different cleaning jobs. It is a residential grade pressure washer with innovative attachments that delivers better output in less time.

Generac Speed Wash 6882 Review 2018
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Features and Specifications:

Following are the complete features of this sturdy pressure washer with its specifications.

  • Body

The structure of the machine is very dynamic made up of steel. It is designed to be easily handled and operated by its users. The weight of the machine is 57 pounds. It is a 2-Wheeled Cart with Never-Flat Wheels. It has hooks for the spray gun & hose to keep them organized. The built-in nozzle holder keeps them always readily available. The Length of the product is 24.2 Inches, width 18.9 Inches and height 35.5 Inches.

  • Engine

The device is powered by a Generac overhead valve (OHV) horizontally orientated 196 cc engine with a brass pump, which will last longer than the aluminum pumps found in many residential pressure washers. It is available as either a 2900 PSI washer or a 3200 PSI washer delivering 2.4GPM and 2.7 GPM respectively. The engine is recoil started. The fuel capacity of its engine is 3 liters.

  • Spray Gun with Power Dial

The machine consist of ergonomic with a Power Dial, which is located on the pressure washer’s gun, allows the operator to adjust output pressure based on the cleaning. There are four settings: an automobile setting, designed specifically for washing a vehicle, a wood setting for cleaning siding, fences and vertical surfaces, a concrete setting intended for cleaning driveway, pavement and typically horizontal surfaces, lastly a soap setting for applying detergent and cleaning products.

  • Multipurpose Attachments

There are 6 quick connect nozzle tips provided with the device, they are 0, 25, 40 degree and a 65 degree soap applicator nozzle. The nozzle tips give you the water flow varied from a pencil point to 40-degree wide water flow. The other accessories includes:

  1. Turbo nozzle: rotating pinpoint stream removes stubborn dirt & grime from durable surfaces 30% faster than regular tips.
  2. Soap Blaster: it sprays soap 3X farther than the black soap nozzle; helps penetrate stains & improve cleaning results.
  3. Power broom: it is used for cleaning decks, patios, driveways, and sidewalks. The attachment consolidate pressure nozzles, rubberized wheels, and a debris shield within a sturdy housing to offer 12″ of surface coverage. The Power Broom is only provided with the 3200 PSI model, however.
  • Detergent Tank

It has a large detergent tank that can contain 0.5 gallon of pressure washer safe detergent. The tank is easy to fill and clean.

  • Hose

It includes a 30 ft. ultra flex hose which is Non-kinking, erosion free and cannot be damaged.

Pros and Cons:

Every product is comprise of some favorable and unfavorable aspects.


  1. The spray gun has inverted trigger with cushion grip for extended use.
  2. There are three accessories with the Speed Wash pressure washer making it a well-rounded cleaning system.
  3. The brass pump will last longer than the aluminum pumps found in many residential pressure washers.
  4. The strong engine of 196cc OHV Gas Pressure Washer gives you the power, firmness and durability at the same time.
  5. The power dial allows the user to adjust output pressure based on the cleaning task at hand.
  6. The OVC 196cc quick starting engine delivers maximum cleaning performance.
  7. It includes the most flexible hose in the industry which is kink resistant, non-marring and scrap free.
  8. The detergent tank makes you free from carrying cleaning solution buckets along with you wherever you take the device.
  9. The unit included a Soap Blaster which reaches farther than traditional detergent nozzles.


  1. It does not have proper instructions in manual.
  2. It is a bit heavy for some customers.
  3. Some customers find it difficult to use.


After reviewing this product thoroughly it is concluded that it is an all-rounder pressure washer which is best for residential use. With its powerful 196cc engine it produces 2900 PSI delivering 2.4 GPM water output and the other variant 3200 PSI delivering 2.7 GPM. It executes efficient services without hiring any professional team for strenuous cleaning tasks. Being a gas powered pressure washer it is hassle free, like there are no wires attached to it which in turn saves you from electric shocks and less mobility. The hose provided is the most flexible hose in the industry which is kink resistant and damage free. The power dial adds more functionality to the device. Its multipurpose accessories like turbo nozzle, soap blaster and power broom makes it a complete pro-style cleaning system which is worthy to buy.

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