GreenWorks GPW1600 Pressure Washer Review 2019

GreenWorks is the brand which is innovation driven for modern thinking people who really love gardening. This brand is one of the most reputable and well-known brand for providing only high quality devices. GreenWorks believes in zero emissions that is why they only sell electric Items, which are for the people who want, greener, smarter and cleaner solutions. Among its various tools GreenWorks 1,600 PSI pressure washer is well known for its usability and efficiency. Its universal motor provides 1,600 PSI of pressure at a rate of 1.2 gal. Per minute which is effective on removing stains of dirt and grime. It is light weight and compact. It is best for light duty cleaning task which can be done both vertically and horizontally for increased stability during use. The device is very easy to operate, you just have to plug it in.

GreenWorks GPW1600 Pressure Washer Review 2019
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Features and Specifications:

Following features and specifications will give u a complete information about the product:

  • Body

The design of the device is very light weight and convenient. It has 5 inches wheels for easy movability. It can easily connect to any outlet with the 35-foot long GFCI power cord. It has proper storage for conveniently storing the power cord, spray gun, nozzles and wand on the pressure washer. The trigger lock in the spray gun must be set manually. The power cord needs to be manually wrapped around the unit. When assembled the device becomes 27 inches in height, 8.25 inches in width, 6.5 inches in Depth and 17 lbs. in weight.

  • Motor And Pump

It has 13 amp universal motor which delivers 1,600 PSI and 1.2 GPM of water flow that can handles various cleaning jobs. The axial pump installed in the device is great for using it at home.

  • Hose and Nozzles

It has 20 feet long hose which is 1/4 inch in diameter and made up of PVC plastic. The hose is long enough to perform different tasks. It is non-marring which prevents wear and tear while leaving no scuff marks on clean surfaces. It has to be screwed in at both ends.

It comes with only three nozzles which include turbo, soap, and a 40-degree nozzle that’s suitable for light cleaning. It also include soap bottle which attaches to the nozzle assembly. The nozzle tips are Pro style with quick Connect and disconnect and are replaceable. It has an interchangeable wand for your convenience.

  • Detergent Tank

It also includes a removable detergent tank that can be adjusted based on your personal preference or requirements.

  • GFCI Plug

The pressure washer is equipped with a GFCI plug to guard against the hazards of ground fault currents. This plug protects against short circuits, overloads, or shocks.

Pros and Cons:

Every product has some features which are positive and negative. So following are some points jotted down for better description of the product in a glance:


  1. The small size and light body of the device makes it handy to carry anywhere around or outside the house.
  2. The device has removable detergent tank and soap bottle for effective cleaning.
  3. Onboard storage allows you to keep pressure wand and spray tips in the same place.
  4. Assembling requires no tools.
  5. It is almost noiseless.
  6. Nozzle tips are easy to attach and are replaceable.
  7. The electric engine start makes the machine function in no time.
  8. It works both in vertical and horizontal condition.
  9. Power cord is very easy to wrap and store.
  10. Easy to read and use on-off switch.
  11. There won’t be any excessive fuel burning throughout the washing process.
  12. It is cheaper than other pressure washers of its batch.


  1. The soap bottle design is not convenient because it attaches to the nozzle assembly.
  2. You have to bend a way for carrying the unit.
  3. Moving the unit is a bit cumbersome.


At the end, we can say as a whole it is a very good model, handy and Light weighted. It is perfect for home use. The 13 amp universal delivers 1,600 PSI and 1.2 GPM of water flow is enough for performing various cleaning tasks through its different pro style nozzles which are easy to connect and disconnect. The Onboard storage is good for keeping the accessories at the same place. It is ideal for light-duty applications like cleaning windows, cars, decks and other areas around the house. Being electric in nature it requires least maintenance. Thus, if you go for this device then it will fulfill all your requirements what you pay for. It has a good user rating on various sites so you won’t regret buying it.

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