Karcher K5 Premium Pressure Washer Review 2019

If you required a device which, instead of you, can do everything from cleaning the pool to washing off your car, from cleaning the motorhome to scrubbing your decking then Karcher K5 Premium is for you. It is a high quality electric pressure washer from Karcher, with an array of usable accessories, designed for general purpose use at home. It is made up off eco-friendly material with advanced functionality which makes it altogether a robust, strong and eco machine. It is light weight and small which can be stored easily anywhere in the house.

Karcher K5 Premium Pressure Washer Review 2019
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Features and Specifications:

Following features and specifications will give u a complete information about the product:

  • Body

The appliance is almost 60 % made from recyclable material keeping the integrity of the name “Eco home”. It comes with a 35 ft. power cord. It also has robust wheels which let you easily move it around. This pressure washer has an incredible hose drum and multiple hooks. When assembled, the device becomes 13.7 inches in height, 34.33 inches in width, 16.77 inches in Length and 32 pounds in weight.

  • Motor and Pump

The K5 model is a powerful machine having a 2,100watt motor which pumps out 500 liters per hour at 145 bar pressure. It delivers 2,000 PSI having 1.4 GPM water flow. The unit uses a patented water-cooled induction motor that helps in reducing noise, energy consumption and heat. It has N-COR pump that is specifically designed to increase the life of the motor by up to 5x without needing maintenance.

  • Hose and Accessories

It has 25 feet long hose which is ¼ inch in diameter and made up of PVC plastic. The hose is long enough to perform tedious tasks. The new kit of Karcher K5 premium comes with the following accessories:

  1. Vario Lance: If you want to enjoy with different water pressures then this is the accessory. To change the water pressures just simply twist the lance head and the water pressure will change. This is useful when it comes to cleaning your car ensuring you don’t damage your paintwork.
  2. Dirt Blaster: According to the company it has a 50% stronger pressure of the water then the normal lance. This is great for removing dirt from your bike or garage.
  3. T350 Patio Cleaner: Clean patios or walls with this great splash free attachment, will bring your patio up like new and can also be used on vertical surfaces making it ideal for cleaning your gates and doors outside.
  4. Ecological Universal Plug & Clean Detergent: The eco-friendly detergent is much powerful in removing grease, oil, etc. without any effort.
  5. Ecological suction Hose & Filter: The device comes with a special kind of hose which enable you to place it into a water butt where it will suck out the water to use.
  • Detergent Tank

It also includes a detergent tank that is removable and can be adjusted based on your personal preference or requirements.

  • Eco Mode Switch

Karcher ensures that K5 comes with an Eco switch that can save almost 20% of the water and energy. The Eco mode can be easily selected by twisting the switch to Eco mode making it simple to use.

Pros and Cons:

Every product has some features which can be positive and negative. So following are some points jotted down for better description of the product in a glance:


  1. The small size and light body of the device makes it easy to carry anywhere around or outside the house.
  2. The device has removable detergent tank for convenient cleaning.
  3. The small induction motor has sufficient power of 1.4 GPM for household tasks.
  4. It has adjustable wand to get different spray patterns.
  5. Water cooled induction motor prolongs the life of the machine.
  6. It is noiseless which makes it more usable especially on holidays.
  7. It has N-COR pump that increases the life of the motor by up to 5x without needing maintenance.
  8. It gives 2 year Rapid Exchange Program warranty with free replacement for in-warranty repairs.
  9. Its eco mode option saves energy up to 20% which is a quiet good feature.


  1. The hose reel is difficult to wind.
  2. It is bit expensive.
  3. It can fall down easily being light weight.


Finally, overall it is a good model, robust and economical. It is perfect for home use. It can be carried easily anywhere due to its light weight, compact design, durable tall handle and 7.7″ high wheels. The water cooled induction motor helps in protracting the life of machine. With 2,000 PSI and 1.4 GPM of water flow you can perform any tedious cleaning task using its various accessories easily. The eco switch mode in the device saves 20 % of energy as promised by the company making it economical in use. Thus, this device is worth buying as it has good good reviews at amazon.

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