SIMPSON MSH3125-S Review 2018

The SIMPSON brand has become popular because of their commitment to quality and reliability. If you are planning to buy a pressure washer then Simpson Mega shot will be a good choice. It runs on gasoline which creates more pressure compared to others. The good part is, it remains within your budget while giving you the power and pressure that you require. It is really going to help you when you are planning for a laborious cleaning of your home or belongings. You can easily rely on its powerful GC190 engine made by the most well recognized company Honda which is another plus point of this product. Apparently it looks more like a mini car engine in a cart. In fact, according to me it is the most portable and if you plan on having something that will help you clean your driveway a gas-powered pressure washer is an absolute must to use machine out in the market.

SIMPSON MSH3125-S Review 2018
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Features and Specifications:

Going through the following features and specifications you will have better understanding of the product which will further assist you in decision making.

  • Body

The MSH3125-S is not a plastic “gadget”, but a full-sized heavy-duty device which is reflected in its dimensions. The unit measures 20 x 25 x 34 inches designed horizontally. Adding to the heavy-duty approach having weight of 72lbs. The device has 10’’ premium pneumatic tires to carry it wherever you want. The appearance of the device ensures that it is durable and while using it you will realize its good strength and performance.

  • Power

Honda GC190 engine gives you the power and Axial Cam Pump provides the perfect pressure. The motor creates 3100 PSI of water pressure and the pump distributes 2.5 GPM water flow.

It has a displacement of 190cc. The engine is surrounded by a tubular welded steel frame made out of 16-gauge, 1 1/4-inch steel. The engine while starting doesn’t give you any trouble and starts constantly with ease. This means that all you have to do is flip the switch and the machine is turned on. It has choke control which is used to open and close the carburetor choke valve. It is also easy to clean and maintain as it gives easy access to oil drain and spark plug.

  • Fuel Tank

The device has got a considerably large fuel tank that weighs 1.9 quarts. A tank-full of fuel will be enough to clean your entire house for more than one time.

  • Hose and Nozzles

The washer comes with a 25-foot hose which is enough for cleaning the most difficult to reach spots. You get a total of five different nozzles that can be attached to the wand. These include 0, 15, 25, and 40-degree angle nozzles as well as a soap tip.  It has OEM Technology head pump which is maintenance-free and it also has Power Boost technology which provides higher pressure at the nozzle. It also has downstream detergent injection system. The spray gun has a safety lock-out system to prevent any sort of accident.

Pros and Cons:

Every product has some good and bad aspects which should be known in order to have a complete know how about the product.


  1. Durable, efficient and effective with a long lasting engine and pump designed for functional use which is designed it for the optimum performance in the hardest environments.
  2. The GC190 Honda engine is superb to start and it helps produce an impressive 3100 PSI of pressure making it capable of cleaning the most stubborn stains and dirt.
  3. The size of the device is not very big so it will be feasible to carry around wherever needed.
  4. Along with the spray gun it has five different sized nozzles. This range is more than enough to engage in all types of cleaning need.
  5. You will get 2 full years of warranty on Honda engine, 1 year of warranty on pump and 90 days of warranty on spray items.
  6. The device uses cold water so you don’t have to worry about any other water form.


  1. The parts are not easily available in the market. You have to order them which takes two weeks or more for the shipment.
  2. The device doesn’t have a detergent tank in it which might be a problem to some people.
  3. The only place you can’t use it is indoors since it is a gas-powered unit, and the fumes can be harmful when inhaled.
  4. It cannot be used for washing cars and interior furniture as this machine delivers in excess of 3000 PSI, which is not recommendable. Nevertheless, if you want to do so then prefer using the 20 or 40 degree spray tip attachment to reduce the pressure and increase the spray area.


Finally, Simpson Mega shot is an impressive pressure washer made out of plastic. This unit features a tubular steel design and a powerful Honda engine which makes it efficient and durable. Due to its two balanced wheels that come with the device, it is easy to carry anywhere around and out of your home. The product is run by gasoline which releases you from the tension of electric short-circuits and mishaps.  With respect to the other available products in the market Simpson Mega shot will meet all your requirements. It also remains in the price within your budget giving you full support. Yes, the customer support problem is bothersome and missing parts are matter of concern but at the end, you are paying less for something that is robust and durable. Anyhow it is the best option that adds a draw to almost all potential buyers.

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