Sun Joe SPX1000 Review 2018

With respect to high quality products Snow Joe Company is a well-known name. This company is specialized in designing and developing high-quality affordable outdoor products to keep your house neat and beautiful. You no longer have be paranoid about the oil leakage from your car, or dirty footprints left on the driveway or courtyard or cleaning your grill and sideways. For all these issues the light, powerful and affordable solution is Sun Joe SPX1000 Electric Pressure washer. It delivers1450 PSI and 1.45 GPM. It uses very little water at only 1.45 GPM which is ideal for anyone who may be concerned about minimal water consumption. It is a cost effective light cleaning pressure washer which can even be used to clean out your vegetables grown in the garden.

Sun Joe SPX1000 Review 2018
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Features and Specifications:

By going through the following features you can well understand the making and specifications of the product.

  • Body

The device weighs 11.7 pounds and the sturdy wheels make it easier to move it from one place to another with no problem. The dimension of the device has height 19 inches, depth 9.8 inches, and width 12 inches. It’s quite light weight is ascribed to overly light but bulky materials used to design the interior and exterior of the machine giving it a husky exterior appearance.

  • Motor

The machine has 11.5 Amp 1400 watt powerful motor that produces Water Pressure of 1450 PSI and water flow of 1.45 GPM.

  • Power Cord

The 35-foot long power cord which is convenient for cleaning large areas from a single power point. It comes with GFCI protection to provide additional protection from the risk of electric shock.

  • Hose

A 20-foot pressure hose with garden hose adaptor ensures easy access to remote areas. Understanding the needs of its users the device is provided with five quick-connect spray nozzles.  

  • Adjustable Spray Wand

It has 33 inches long adjustable spray wand along with a twist nozzle which is very comfortable to hold and use during cleaning. The nozzle tip gives you the water flow from 0-degree pencil point jet to 45-degree fan spray.

  • Automatic Stop System

To save the energy and to prolong the pump life it has TSS (Total Stop System) which automatically stops the pump when the trigger is not in use. This helps in controlling over usage of the product, eradicating the problem of machine getting burn.

  • Safety Lock System

An integrated safety lock system is included in the device to prevent the trigger from automatically engaging which stops misuse of the machine.

Pros and Cons:

Keeping in view the above mentioned features, here we are jotting down the pros and cons of the product so it will be easy for you to have a complete knowledge about the product.


  1. A very light weighted pressure washer that comes with wheels to move the machine around easily anywhere for cleaning purpose.
  2. This Pressure Washer has an 11.5-amp/ 1400-watt motor to make washing more efficient. The users appreciates the power of the engine.
  3. The auto stop system is really helpful in saving the electricity, it also prolongs the motor’s life as continuous use can burn the machine.
  4. This CSA listed pressure washer comes with a 33-inch extension spray wand which increases the reach of your pressure washer.
  5. A 20 foot high pressure hose and a female coupler garden hose adaptor are also shipped with the unit which makes easy for you to clean the areas that are difficult to wash.
  6. Being an electrically operated, it is almost noiseless, especially as compared to the pressure washers operated by gas.
  7. Its electric motor makes it a smokeless and pollution-less machine, so you are saved from the trouble of inhaling poisonous carbon-monoxide which is associated with gas based equipment.
  8. The safety lock system prevents the misuse of machine.
  9. The machine comes with two years of warranty and is CSA listed. So, you don’t have to bother about its manufacturing defects.


  1. You cannot do any heavy duty cleaning with this pressure washer.
  2. There is no detergent tank.


If you are concerned about a powerful cleaning machine that is light and beautiful then Sun Joe spx1000 is definitely for you. It is a machine which can be used for basic cleaning of your households. Its 1400 watts motor is great in performance which also cut down your electricity bill. It is capable of handling a number of cleaning tasks around the home like cleaning the backyard, garden, driveway, cars, porches, lawn equipment and many other valuable things. Thus, it is one of the best widely sold pressure washer available out in the market which you buy for a very little money.

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